Chairperson: Bartie Kehoe 087 2664650
Secretary: Barry O'Sulivan 087 9647735
Treasurer: Paddy Murphy 087 2356926

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Game Hunting and Vermin Control

Game Hunting

Game hunted by the Ferns GPA would be pheasant, duck and partridge. This sections goes hand in hand with our breeding and releasing of game to ensure re-population of the area and also for the enjoyment of our members. 

The Game hunting season is from the 1st November to the end of January.Members hunt at their own leisure but Ferns GPA restrict hunting on their grounds to Saturday and Sunday unless special leave is given to a member by the committee.

The club also has a competition on the opening day of the season, for the longest pheasant shot. 

Vermin Control

The club also has a vermin control program which involves fox hunting, gray crow and magpie shoots. These vermin control programs are carried out in the correct season for each species.

Longest Bird

Longest Bird Result 2018

The Jack Power Trophy

Longest Bird 2018 - 1

1st. Pat Murphy. 39 1/4”

2nd. Noel Davitt. 37 11/16”

Longest Bird 2018 - 2


Longest Bird 2018 - 3

Longest Bird 2018 - 4

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