Chairperson: Bartie Kehoe 087 2664650
Secretary: Alf Power 087 2212320
Treasurer: Padraig Bolger 087 6677680

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Breeding and Releasing of Pheasants

Releasing Pheasants

The Club purchased 650 day old from France at the start if June. They will be brought to a 6 week old stage in a rearing pen and then divided into 2 groups in release pens on club grounds.

Breeding Pheasants

For the last 3 years we have been trying to incubate our own pheasants. This year has been the most successful so far with thanks in no small way to Pat Leacy. Pat has done great work incubating at present up to 500 birds and this is expected to reach 700. These pheasants will increase the numbers up to approx 1400 birds to be released in release pens on gun club grounds.We have also incubated approx 50 partridges, which will be released on gun club grounds. 

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